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Lachlan and Gemma

Jane Thorpe

Melina Huntley

Dean Fechner

Dr Annie Lim

Naomi really cares about her clients, she takes the time to explain things in great detail and in a way I as a layperson can understand and relate to. This instils a great deal of trust in what it is Naomi is doing and how she goes about it.

Naomi looks after my superannuation, helps me plan my retirement, insurance cover and cash flow management. I trust her to do the right thing for me.

If you’re looking to engage a financial adviser you can trust, is professional and acts in your best interest, I strongly recommend you give Naomi Rosenthal a call.

Kristina Dijanosic

Chester Hill

I freely admit, I’m fairly financially naïve and trust Naomi completely. Naomi is always upfront and transparent in declaring her fee structure.

Naomi not only ensures that my insurance cover is appropriate for my personal circumstances; she also looks after my superannuation. And we’ve just we started putting into place a retirement savings plan.

I definitely get value for my money by working with Naomi and I’d recommend her to anyone who’s looking for a financial adviser as she’s got her clients best interest at heart.

Nicholas Monteban

North Sydney

Yosha has given me advice in areas including how to grow my wealth and prepare for the future, including investment, super and insurance information.

Yosha was always able to explain things to me in an extremely clear and thorough way. Yosha’s knowledge and experience gives me great confidence in achieving my goals.


Jonathan has been amazing in the service and advice he has given to my wife and I. He has always been quick to offer helpful advice and pays incredible attention to detail. He has helped my family and I to stay ahead, and we are certainly way ahead of where we would have been had we not recruited his services. I trust Jonathan completely with our finances and advice. I highly recommend his services.


Don Jeffers is an immensely likeable guy. He’s been our financial advisor for 12 or so years now, and we really do appreciate what Don has done for us over the years.

Don’s a communication is clear and succinct, and his administrative process is excellent. He’s a steadying influence on us and this has been very important in particular over the last few years.

Don’s always available for us, here to help, listen and to give us advice. He provides us with updates on how our investments are travelling on a 3 monthly basis. I have to say that the two page summary he sends us with the reports is absolutely first class.

I am more than happy to recommend Don’s services to anyone, in fact I’ve referred him to my son.

Peter Joyce


We certainly feel that Naomi is on the ball and knows what she’s doing. The result is that Naomi provides us with sound financial advice and the results we’ve been able to achieve give us peace of mind. We value and appreciate the time Naomi puts in for us.

I do have the expectation that my financial adviser provides excellent customer service and goes the extra mile. I believe I get value for my money, and I am happy to recommend Naomi as a financial adviser.

Ellis & Lyn Rosen


Jonathan gave me expert advice in the area of income protection. He was thorough in evaluating my personal situation and tailored the product to my unique needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan to any potential new clients.


We’ve been clients of Don Jeffers since 1995. Initially we needed someone to help us invest some of the funds from my mother’s estate. In 2002 Don helped us to set up our superannuation funds which he monitored for us over the years. I certainly believe that Don has helped us increase our financial security.

One thing I particularly appreciate is that Don is very accessible. I can call him any time. I certainly have asked him curly questions over the years and he’s always answered them promptly and efficiently – in my view this is a real asset of working with him.

I also appreciate that Don sends us quarterly reports to let us know where we stand and what is happening with our investments. There is no doubt in my mind that Don has his clients’ best interests at heart.

I am more than happy to rate him at a 9 out of 10, and I would recommend Don as a financial adviser to anyone.

Richard Crowe


My late husband and I have been clients of Don Jeffers for 20 years or so. He’s changed employers and ultimately opened his own practice. We’ve remained clients throughout all these changes. We are very happy with the level of care, customer service and results Don has achieved for us over the years.

Our financial security, we believe is due to the advice and recommendations that Don has made. We’ve implemented 90% or so of his advice. My husband was a very conservative investor, but at some stage we did take the plunge and “loosened the reigns a bit” – I’m very pleased to say that it did pay off for us.

Don’s an excellent communicator and he keeps us informed. I feel he’s very proactive and ensures that if a particular investment is underperforming we move the money into better performing funds. Don provides us with a quarterly report, and although there is a lot of information to go through, ensures that I am up to date with how my investments are travelling.

Don really does have my best interest at heart; I have no doubts about that. I would recommend Don to anyone who feels that they need help with their investments

Jill Forster

Hunters Hill

Yosha has turned my fear of seeking financial advice into something I positively look forward to! We are building something together and as well as feeling that the investments are secure and robust, it’s exciting!!


Thank you so much Jonathan for spending so much time and research in helping us with our financial situation we appreciate the extra time you spend answering all of our questions, you have eased our minds and worries. You have given us guidance and direction to build our wealth and put protection in place for our children. We sincerely appreciate all your work, your honesty and integrity.


I am forever grateful for the care taken by our PWS Advisers, who have helped our family immensely over the past few months. When my husband was considering reducing or cancelling his life insurance due to the rising costs, it was PWS who gave us the valuable and logical advice that, at his age and stage of health, the policy is now in his favour – not the insurers. 

Little did we know that within 6 months of receiving that advice, we would need to claim on that policy. 

Having Advisers who took the stress out of the claims process by assisting with the paperwork, and proactively advancing the claim with the insurer resulted in a trouble-free claim payment with a turnaround time which exceeded my expectations. At a time of great overwhelm and grief, I felt so comforted when our PWS Advisers liaised also with our family Solicitor and Accountant, allowing me to do only that which was essential for me to be involved in, and giving me more time to spend with my family.

The support our PWS Advisers have shown, guiding me to understand my position and investments and explaining everything so simply, now empowers me to feel secure about the future.

As a family, we are confident that our PWS Advisers will excel at stewarding the parting gift my late husband has left – the rewards of a lifetime of hard work providing for his family and foresight to purchase life insurance, forever reminding us of how much we were loved and protected.

G. Reid

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