Investment planning

Robust portfolios for greater investment confidence

A thoughtful, well-researched and deliberate investment plan will build on your financial position and is a critical component in achieving your financial goals. At PWS, we place strong emphasis on designing robust, well-researched portfolios.

The first step is to understand the trade-offs between the risks and rewards you are prepared to withstand, in reaching your objectives.

Creating your path to wealth


We deliver expert advice that aligns with your long-term goals, in these three key areas:


1. Active Investment Management At times markets are inefficient and this provides opportunities for active managers to outperform. We aim to implement prudent selection and ongoing monitoring through our investment process. As a result we identify the best active managers, who have demonstrated an ability to outperform index funds over the longer term.


2. Mixture of investment styles All of our investment portfolios contain a mixture of managers with different investment styles, within the various asset classes. This diversification helps to mitigate the potential downside risk of any one investment style or manager, which we believe produces the optimal risk-adjusted return profile for a particular asset class over the long term.

Investment Management

3. Diversification One of the key outcomes of the portfolio-construction process is to achieve effective mitigation of investment risk through adequate portfolio diversification. The recommended portfolios cover all major asset classes and have a wide exposure to many underlying securities within each asset class. 

To understand how this works with your portfolio, discuss your path to wealth with a brief consultation with one of our advisors.

our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy

Have full confidence that your investment plan will work for you:


  • We benchmark investments against your goals, checking in with regular reviews
  • We take an active investment management approach based on extensive research
  • We measure for long term success, accounting for ups and downs along the way

Annie’s story of financial advice and support

Knowing that my investment portfolio is regularly monitored, administered and reported on, has allowed me to totally focus my efforts on my professional commitments.

Dr Annie Lim

Have greater confidence in your investments with our expertise

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