Our Services

Our Services

Professional Wealth Services provides practical solutions to help you plan

  • Manage your cash flow and bust bad debt
  • Get you into the savings habit
  • Start a regular investment program
  • Make good choices for super
  • Identify your short, medium and long-term goals
  • Save for your children's education
  • Consolidate super accounts and plan for retirement
  • Maximise investment opportunities with active management
  • Protect your developing career and family
  • Stay on track with regular evaluation of your progress
  • Review your insurance arrangements
  • Review your financial planning should you change careers or experience a redundancy
  • Transition from two incomes to one
  • Address the specific considerations required for special needs children
  • Review your insurance arrangements
  • Review your investment portfolio and tolerance to risk
  • Boost your super savings and focus on building retirement assets
  • Minimise your tax
  • Review your Will and Estate Planning
  • Manage the financial issues arising from divorce or death of a spouse
  • Manage an inheritance or windfall
  • Assist elderly parents into Aged Care
  • Possibly access super while you're still at work
  • Maximise government benefits
  • Use non-super assets effectively and release wealth
  • Make your money last through retirement
  • Assist grandchildren with their education
  • Arrange a comprehensive estate plan
  • Protect the key people in your business
  • Protect your business and its future
  • Manage your superannuation obligations
  • Plan for the succession or sale of your business
  • Use business assets and cash-flow to their full potential
  • Provide advice on how to fund my aged care costs
  • Provide advice on Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD)/Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) optimisation based on your circumstances
  • Review your estate plan to ensure you have in place:
    • enduring powers of attorney
    • guardianship, care provisions and powers
    • a current will (structured to reflect my wishes and the circumstances of your beneficiaries)


Through a number of Australian credit licensees, we can also facilitate:

  • Mortgage broking
  • Commercial financing
  • Leasing services

Direct Equities

In addition, we can facilitate the purchase of direct equities through a number of reputable stockbrokers.

Our Services

We can also facilitate mortgage broking, commercial financing and leasing services through a number of Australian credit licensees. In addition, we can facilitate the purchase of direct equities through a number of reputable stockbrokers.