Naomi Rosenthal Testimonials

In our industry, actions speak louder than words. Learn more about how PWS has helped everyday people with their financial goals and aspirations over the years.

Video and written testimonials for Naomi Rosenthal

There really is only one reason for me to engage a financial adviser; to make money for me, and act in my best interest. I have no doubt that Naomi goes the extra mile for her clients; this seems to me to be part of the values she adheres to.

Given my long-standing relationship with the firm, I have no hesitation in recommending Naomi to anyone who seeks honest, straightforward, professional financial advice.

Adolfo Basa, Carlton

I like working with Naomi. She’s an extremely efficient young woman. She does what she promises she’d do, and I very much feel looked after by her. I really appreciate her honesty with regard to what I should or shouldn’t do.

Naomi has done real magic with my money and whatever she thought would be right for me proved to be correct. Never, ever in my wildest dreams could I imagine feeling so financially secure in my retirement. The results of Naomi’s strategies exceeded my expectations.

Ann Rondeau, Hornsby

We certainly feel that Naomi is on the ball and knows what she’s doing. The result is that Naomi provides us with sound financial advice and the results we’ve been able to achieve give us peace of mind. We value and appreciate the time Naomi puts in for us.

I do have the expectation that my financial adviser provides excellent customer service and goes the extra mile. I believe I get value for my money, and I am happy to recommend Naomi as a financial adviser.

Ellis & Lyn Rosen, Mosman

Naomi is very well organised and operates via a strict protocol and compliance regime.

Naomi responds in a timely and professionally sound manner. This is something I appreciate and value greatly. Naomi is much more than just my financial adviser. We’ve not only become friends but business referral partners as well.

Naomi’s customer service is excellent; she certainly goes the extra mile for her clients.

I highly recommend Naomi to anyone needing a Financial Planner.

Jim Ellis, Lane Cove

Naomi is my financial planner, adviser and confidante. Her financial “tough love” approach really works for me. Since I’ve started working with Naomi, my interest in financial matters has increased.

Naomi is a good teacher and I’ve learned a lot from her. She ensures that I get involved in all the decisions and that I understand the implications of the actions taken. Her only agenda is suggesting strategies and tactics that are in my best interest.

I recommend Naomi as a financial planner to whoever is looking for someone. I am a very happy client indeed.

Kelly Noonan, Botany

Naomi really cares about her clients, she takes the time to explain things in great detail and in a way I as a layperson can understand and relate to. This instils a great deal of trust in what it is Naomi is doing and how she goes about it. Naomi looks after my superannuation, helps me plan my retirement, insurance cover and cash flow management. I trust her to do the right thing for me. If you’re looking to engage a financial adviser you can trust, is professional and acts in your best interest, I strongly recommend you give Naomi Rosenthal a call.

Kristina Dijanosic, Chester Hill

Naomi cares deeply about her clients, she’s engaged and interested about our wellbeing financially, physically as well as emotionally. For us she’s become much, much more than just a financial adviser, she’s become a friend, and we trust her advice implicitly.

We have no hesitation in recommending Naomi Rosenthal to friends and family. In fact, we suggest to anyone who seeks sound, honest and reliable financial advice get in touch with Naomi and get professional advice. We wouldn’t be where we are today without her. We’re 100% happy with what she’s achieved for us.

Lesley & Alan Duncan, Chipping Norton

I freely admit, I’m fairly financially naïve and trust Naomi completely. Naomi is always upfront and transparent in declaring her fee structure.

Naomi not only ensures that my insurance cover is appropriate for my personal circumstances; she also looks after my superannuation. And we’ve just we started putting into place a retirement savings plan.

I definitely get value for my money by working with Naomi and I’d recommend her to anyone who’s looking for a financial adviser as she’s got her clients best interest at heart.

Nicholas Monteban, North Sydney

I am more than happy to work with Naomi: she’s bright, bubbly and full of energy. She understands people’s needs, and is transparent in regard to her responses.

A personal and trusting relationship with my financial adviser is paramount for me. Naomi is clear headed, empathetic and at the same time provides support when needed. However, she’s professional enough to maintain discipline and distance to provide sound financial advice.

As a matter of principle, I reassess the relationship with my financial adviser every 2 – 3 years, and so far, after almost 40 years of being a client, I can’t find any reason to take my business elsewhere.

Phil Beale, Toronto